It rained Saturday morning but the sun peeked through in the afternoon.  Walked down to Charleson Park and took the river walk along False Creek toward Granville Island.  Nicely landscaped with a variety of trees, bushes, and flowers, few of which I could identify.  Seaweed (kelp?) showing on the rocks at low tide.  The higher rocks sported iceplants in bloom.  As in my neighborhood, a number of dog-walkers, cyclists, although these cyclists tend to be a bit more casually dressed, not all tight lycra.  Petted four poodles and a silky terrier.  A few men in short sleeves, the women mostly bundled up, as I was.

Sunday it was just as cool in my son’s north-facing apartment, but when we went out, behold, a sunny, warm (yes, 66° felt so warm I doffed my sweater and jacket and my son was sorry that he hadn’t worn shorts) day.  First to the genetics lab at UBC where he had to feed this cell cultures, then on to the Greek Fair, packed solid with people too long cooped inside through their 6 months of winter (short days and cool, rainy weather).  Sundresses!  Sandals!  Ultra-white skin! 

The fair was a bit disappointing, five blocks closed off to vehicular traffic and lined with booths, many with the same kabobs and baklava, some not even related to Greece (henna painting, T-shirts), a number blaring Greek dance music, and one larger one w/ dancers in native costume.  Many dogs on leashes, looking confused, one child on a leash (see photo).

Weather for Vancouver, BC, Sunday, June 27, 2011

For comparison, the weather in Tucson on Sunday:

Weather for Tucson, AZ

Even though my son’s apartment is only four blocks from the main drag, it’s quite quiet in this residential area.  The traffic noise starts to assail you as you walk to the bus.  I am bothered, In Tucson, by the coating of dust on all of my surfaces when I leave the doors or windows open.  We don’t need actually dust storms– in the desert any breeze will carry the dust.  Here surfaces are coated with a black, sticky residue which I guess is in all cities from auto exhaust coupled with the humidity.  (My son’s apartment is also filled with dust bunnies, coupling and producing more, exponentially, like real bunnies.)

My studies (calc, trig, for The Test) are going well, but I’m ready to get out.  Because of the impending rain, our camping trip to Lake Alouette looks like it will be cancelled.  Working on other excursions.   Guess my timing is bad.  Wanted to escape June’s heat, which bothers me more than our July/August monsoons, but it’s too early for summer here.  It’s even raining in Sequim (my next destination), which is in a rain shadow, with infrequent precipitation.

Today went to the Biodiversity Museum at UBC.  It’s only been opened 8 months.

…researchers at the Biodiversity Research Centre and within the departments of Botany and Zoology envisioned a building that would facilitate interdisciplinary work on biodiversity, house UBC’s biodiversity researchers and collections, and contain a public natural history museum.

The only section that is above ground is the atrium in which a 26-metre-long blue whale skeleton is suspended.  Raising Big Blue was aired on Discovery Channel on June 5 of this year.

Got back to the apartment just before it started raining.  No wonder everything is so green.

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  1. Jim Says:

    Their museums, zoo, and aquarium are excellent sources of enlightenment.

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