The quiet of rabbits, the noise of planes


Love my agapanthus when the desert has finished its blooming.


This is the very tame rabbit who slides into my garden to eat my failing crops.  (Look how sleek he is; it must be the leek greens he eats.)  I can be sitting at my spa deck and it will hop within five feet of me to drink from the drip system.  My cat follows it around, but it is too large for her to attack.


After lunch yesterday there were tons of jets flying over from Davis Monthan Air Force Base.  Was I missing an air show?  Checked their web site.  No, the Aerospace and Arizona Days air show was here March 20-21.  Nearly 40,000 people of all ages and walks of life gathered for the 2011 Dakota Thunder airshow on Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., June 4.  And the A-10 West 2011 Demo is this weekend in Olympia, WA.   (Imagine how much of our tax dollars is being spent on gasoline for these air shows.)  The noise must indicate that we’re in a war (or two, or three.)

What haven’t been noisy are the coyotes.  Except for a far-off group howl the other evening, haven’t heard them for weeks.  Too hot to bother?

But who are noisy (here in my quiet enclave) daily are the golf course groundskeepers who start cutting the lawns by 5am!  Since I sleep with just the screen at night, to pull in that cool 70° air, I have to get up to shut the door for another half-hour of shuteye.

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One Response to “The quiet of rabbits, the noise of planes”

  1. Jim Says:

    For more than 20 years, we never saw a brush rabbit around the house. This year there are at least a dozen. And like your rabbit, they are tame. They brouse our pyracantha, grape vines, tomato plants, and various weeds. I protect the young okra plants with chicken wire fences. We delight in watching them run about.

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