Yesterday evening they were in the side yard.  Today in the front.  I was getting up from my computer when I saw them.  One looks awfully skinny – ‘cause it’s young?

A sole javelina was crossing the road this afternoon.  A male run out of the herd?

The weather’s in the low 100’s, at night in the 70’s. Wispy clouds in advance of next month’s monsoons.   And boy, do we need them.  It is dry, dry, dry.


Forest officials announced this week that they were closing the 2 million-acre forest that surrounds Summerhaven and covers Mount Lemmon and mountain ranges across Southern Arizona because of “unprecedented fire conditions.” The exception is Catalina Highway to Summerhaven.

When my kids were young we had a cabin in Summerhaven, a tiny town in the mountains north of Tucson.  A wildfire ripped through there 8 years ago, and the forest hasn’t grown back, although people have rebuilt their cabins, mostly larger. 

Our Arizona fires continue to rage elsewhere.

Additional evacuations ordered due to Monument Fire

 The Monument Fire, a wildfire burning in Cochise County near Sierra Vista has grown to more than 9,300 acres and has prompted evacuations for several residents.

Anguish, sadness for Monument Fire victims

Forty families learned this week that the Monument Fire has left them without a home.


US 180 partially reopens in eastern Arizona near Nutrioso

 A portion of U.S. Highway 180 has reopened, but many road closures remain in effect around Arizona due to wildfires.


  Animal rescue efforts underway in Sierra Vista

 The Monument wildfire is tearing through forest, dozens of homes and ranches, but people aren’t the only ones in harm’s way.

Murphy Fire now 100% contained, officials say

 The Murphy Fire burning near Tubac and Arivaca is now completely under control.

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2 Responses to “Wildfires”

  1. Kim Blair Says:

    We have been having hazy conditions here in Denver. The newspeople say it is due to the AZ fires.

    My great aunt used to be a fire watch in AZ somehwere. Mom grew up in the Clay Springs area. I think that she was born in Snowfalke.

  2. Jim Says:

    They have let the brush excessively build up for many years, without controlled fires.

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