The Rapture

Was very disappointed Saturday nite not to see the Christians being swept up, in body, to Heaven.  (This imagery from Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.)  One guy made a few bucks, with many $135 contracts to take care of the earthbound pets of Rapturees.  (When asked what would ensue if he happened to be transported, he said that he had hired atheists.)  The guy who predicted it (Harold Camping) says that he had been a few months off, and October 21, 2011 will be the End of the World.  Didn’t he ever hear of the story The Boy who called Wolf?


Spent Sunday in Phoenix at a park for an unbirthday/end of the preschool days party for my granddaughter, parents and siblings included.  Weather in the low 90’s.  (100’s supposed to hit this weekend.)  Kids had a great time.  Candy in the piñatas kept the kids going at a good pace.  (Pictured here my daughter as Hello Kitty and my granddaughter as Batman.)

Because the preschool had been at a JCC (Jewish Community Center), a few parents were Israelis, and there was a discussion over a (non-kosher) pizza, watermelon, chocolate cake lunch of Obama’s speech on the Israeli/Palestinian peace talks.  The conversation started with “I used to support Obama…”

A Ton

I have added workout machines Tues/Thur to my exercise (Mon/Fri) and zumba (Wed) classes at the downtown Y.  By Friday felt like I’d been hit by a truck. 

My son said that we’d be canoeing across Lake Allouette for our camping trip the last week of June (this photo from the internet – looks cold, doesn’t it?), hence four machines to prepare me for canoeing. 

Lifting a ton a week (of course, divided over two days, four machines, and two sets of ten reps each, that’s only an average of 12½ pounds a pull.  But it adds up! )  And that doesn’t count the crunch machine, which I added just so I can develop a six-pack.  (Hah!)


One Response to “The Rapture”

  1. Jim Says:

    I jog and sprint in the cool part of the year and swim in the hot part. I gave up marathon running, because it takes too much time to train for them. After winning first place in the Lake Chabot Half-marathon I gave the running of numerous 10 kilometer races, because part of my incentive was the challenge to achieve first place. My habitual jogging and sprinting has produced a heart and lung capacity that makes long hikes, such as the Machu Picchu Trail with Mary and my Son, enjoyable adventures.

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