Two evenings ago the yard was peaceful.  The myoporum is in bloom.  A pair of cottontails rolled in the dirt and munched on the groundcover.  Red finches pecked at the myoporum flowers (or seeds?)  Goldfinches were going for the wildflower seeds.  The stalks are high and they swayed to and fro on them.

One of the rabbits went to the new burrow and spent twenty minutes smelling around it.  Had my cat checked it out, and was he registering her scent?  Or had another rabbit started it?  The flycatchers and cardinals dashed from tree to tree.  My cat elicited a soft meow at the towhee at the birdbath.


Last night at dusk as I was making dinner I noticed that the cardinals were cheeping up a storm.  I went out on the deck to see if a roadrunner was bothering them again, and saw a beautiful bobcat lying on the Jacuzzi deck below.   Its side whiskers reminded me of the University of Arizona’s Wildcat mascot.

Of course, I rushed downstairs for my camera, and took three blurry photos in my excitement as, noting me, it strolled leisurely out of the yard.


That remind me of an event on a photo safari in Tanzania that I had taken three years ago with friends from college.  We, among other tourists in a gaggle of pop-top vans, were photographing a leopard in a tree.  (Yes, this is my photo.)  At some point it spotted something on the plain beyond the vans; it jumped from the tree and headed straight for us.  The paparazzi went crazy, the clicking of cameras like the sound of cicadas.

The leopard, ignoring us as if we were part of the vegetation, walked right under our van!  It emerged, with not a pause, a meter below the window from which I was leaning (so small! not like a lion).  My brain said one should never be that close to a leopard, and in my excitement, I blurred all of those close-ups.

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One Response to “Evening”

  1. Watching Seasons Says:

    You have a virtual wildlife preserve in your yard! 🙂

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