When you think you know who your friends are…


A great squawking this morning by the female cardinal.  I looked out and the male cardinal was worrying my friend the roadrunner, high up in the acacia tree.  Roadrunner, no doubt, had been thinking of raiding the eggs in the cardinal nest.  I assisted in the rout, walking towards the roadrunner until it swooped (they seldom fly) down to the ground and ran off.  Not sure if the ensuing cardinal peeps were meant as a thank-you.


A cottontail has been digging its burrow in the soft earth bank of the tiny wash which runs through my backyard.   (You can barely see its ears in the hole.)  Smart, in that the coyotes (at least the grown ones) can’t get through my backyard fence.  When the bobcats return, however, it won’t be any safer than anywhere else. 

When my cat sees the bunny she stalks it around the yard and it bounds off.  But this morning I looked out of the bathroom window and it was in my vegetable garden!  Admittedly, I had encircled the garden with welded wire, in 2”x4” rectangles, as that was more “architectural” than chicken wire.  I went out to shoo it away and it slipped right through the fence.  I am constantly amazed at the tiny apertures animals can squeeze through.  Guess I have discovered who devoured my arugula.


Just now a white-winged dove slammed into my kitchen window, but then flew away around the garage.  I went outside to see if it had collapsed there, only to see a  Cooper’s hawk (identified by the stripes on its tail) flying past the window to see if his ploy had worked.  I had heard that hawks herded birds into windows to knock them out and make the kill easier, but this is the first time I had witnessed it.

San Xavier

My cousin and his wife from Virginia are vacationing at his daughter’s in Phoenix this week, so they drove down on Sunday for a short visit.  Not time enough for a hike in Sabino Canyon or a trip to the Desert Museum, so we toured San Xavier mission.   This from Wikipedia (which has better photos than mine, shown here):

The mission was founded in 1692 by the Jesuit missionary Eusebio Francisco Kino, founder of the Spanish missions in the Sonoran Desert chain, who often visited and preached in the area. The original mission church, located about two miles away, was vulnerable to Apache attacks that finally destroyed it in about 1770. The present building was constructed with native labor working from 1783-1797 with a loan of 7,000 pesos, and serves the Catholics of the San Xavier District of Tohono O’odham Nation.

For the interior restoration, fresco workers were brought in from Italy.

The on-site effort at San Xavier was supervised by Carlo Giantomassi and Donatella Zari of Rome, Italy, two of the world’s outstanding fresco and mosaic conservators… Giantomass, was a member of the technical commission overseeing the Sistine Chapel project.

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One Response to “When you think you know who your friends are…”

  1. Watching Seasons Says:

    In Ohio, there are plenty of cardinals- I’m trying to imagine a roadrunner in the tree out front!

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