Tie-dyed Eggs

Spent the weekend in Phoenix with the grandkids.  My daughter had to work Saturday (she’s a nurse, which entails some weekends and holidays), so she assigned me to do the tie-dyed eggs with the kids.  And I do mean TIE-dyed, as with old ties. silk-dyed-eggs-aka-tie-dyed

She had gotten old ties at Goodwill and we cut them up and wrapped the eggs in the ties, then squares of an old pillowcase.  Next you boil them in water with a bit of vinegar, and voilà!  They turned out pretty well considering a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old did them.

(Have to give credit to my son-in-law for tending the baby, allowing me to do the creative, fun stuff.)

Of course, hunted for the eggs the next morning, and I fixed our family tradition – matzoh brei, for breakfast.  (As is my wont, I split before church.)


Spring Blooms

Beautiful jacaranda tree in bloom on Queen’s Creek Road (photo).  I10 was lined by palo verdes in bloom, and the texas rangers planted recently on I10 at the Orange Grove exit were blooming a deep purple.

The cat was happy to see me; as soon as I let her out she brought me a lizard.  (It was perfectly ok, so I let it go.)

One of the roadrunners was playing on the spiral staircase to my deck, bouncing up the stairs and sliding down the railing.  I bet if I tried, I could have him eating bacon out of my hand.

One day, when I was building this house, I went to the golf club for lunch.  On the patio, a woman at the next table took the bacon out of her BLT and fed it to a roadrunner.

So it isn’t just the Desert Museum who can train them.  (At the Museum roadrunners are part of the Raptor Free Flight Demonstrations that I reported on in February: Raptor Free Flight)

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