When my brother and I were small our mother did not work.  She was the consummate housewife, and did lots of sewing, and arts and crafts projects.  Since I have more time than money, I figure that I can create those lovely decorations that I see in catalogues for much less.

I liked this wreath from Pottery Barn, pictured (which is no longer available, and I don’t remember how much it cost, but the Easter Nest with Eggs is $24), and I had already bought the basic twig wreath, on sale of course (having lost the one that I had made 20 years ago from my own wisteria vines). 

Michaels was having a smashing sale, so I purchased two sprigs of fake greens (and as you can see, determinedly cut them up and used all of the pieces) and painted egg shells that I had blown the egg out of when I needed an egg or two the past few weeks.

Then came the nest creation.  Have you ever made a bird’s nest?  I started w/ clippings from my dead plants, but what do birds utilize to hold them together?  I tried spider webs, but they are not easily used; one must put the nest under them and pull upwards.  Unfortunately I had cleaned out a lot of the garden webs a few days ago, and had not enough. Plus, even though they seem very strong (especially when you’ve accidently walked into one), they don’t hold a basket of twigs together very well.

So I looked up nest creation on the Web.  They use spray glue(which I do not have)!  In my Xmas decorations, I checked out a decorative nest, wrapped in fake holly.  The bottom twigs were tied with heavy wire, and the delicate grasses on top were glued down.  So I used some florist’s wire, and you can’t see the nest anyway.


Arizona’s unemployment rate in February was 9.6%.  South Carolina (from which I draw my unemployment compensation) had it rate go down in February to 10.2%.  Dismal statistics.

Commentary on the news today that older workers (over 55!) who lose their jobs are less likely to find another.

Building (which employs architects) is still slow.  Cuts have been made to schools and universities, so employment there is down.  With all of the cuts made in Arizona to Medicaid and nationally proposed for Medicare, could the number of heath care professionals be cut?  (Don’t think Congress will get the savings through lower drug pricing…) 

However, all of the attorneys I know are still employed.  Guess that’s a good profession to be in.  Americans continue to be contentious.

(Photo of a wildflower in my garden ’cause it’s cheerier than the unemployment rates.)

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