The slight bit of moisture we had did not bring on the “desert in bloom” that happens every few years (and can be seen at Picacho Peak State Park during these infrequent displays.)  Driving to Phoenix last week to babysit for the grandkids I noted that I10 was edged in the yellow blooms of desert marigold for two-thirds of the way, of brittle bush for the last third.  But no lupine, no poppies, nothing else.

Those few showers did encourage the desert marigold and desert verbena volunteers (seen in this photo) in the yard, in addition to the wildflowers I seeded and the large pink blooms of my Mexican primrose which is on the drip system.

The bougainvillea in the pot and the yellow and red bird in the yard never recovered from the last hard freeze.  We’ll see if the two feathery cassia in front of the garage will make it.  They are more frost tender than the similar cassia hedge which laughed at the frost and bloomed its heart out.

Unfortunately, my next-door-neighbor lost the large chinese pistache tree he had just planted last fall.


Saw a tricolored blackbird (the western counterpart of a red-winged blackbird) on the edge of a field in Phoenix last week.  Have never seen one in Tucson.  The “standard birds” have been hanging around here: red finch, goldfinch, towhee, quail, roadrunner, flicker, woodpecker, pyrrhuloxia, thrasher, sparrow, flycatcher.


Missed a photo of the bobcat (which I hadn’t seen in a while) strolling down my driveway, as my camera battery was dead.

But there were four cottontails in the yard the other morning.  Good thing they reproduce so well – they keep the bobcats and coyotes well-fed.


Don’t know if the temperature reached the forecast 96° Friday but was hiking early (8am) with friends at Catalina State Park.  (Photo from the internet – I hadn’t taken my camera.)  When we returned to the car at 10am, it was “only” 79°.

Supposed to “cool down” next week.  Think it’ll hit 100° early this year, global warming and all that.  Have had the AC on upstairs for the past two weeks, although set at 79°.  Not looking forward to the six months of ”but it’s a dry heat”.

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3 Responses to “Blooms”

  1. Jim Says:

    I very much enjoy your nature and gardening writing and photos, Lynne.
    Mary and I leave for Peru May 15, for our monthly mix of wildlife viewing and conservation work.

  2. Jim Says:

    That departure date has been changed to April 16. Bob Todd of World Travel got us very good rates. He also mentioned at January is the best time to make the reservations.

  3. Kim Blair Says:

    I always enjoy your vivid descriptions!

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