The Farm

Took my oldest grandkids to the Superstition Farm this week.  (

Unfortunately, it was 90° in Phoenix that day.  Fin, two, preferred the rabbit who sat placidly on a table to be petted, and the black lab.

He was afraid of feeding the sheep and goats.  But both kids enjoyed bottle-feeding the calves.

Fin also decided not to ride a horse, too big!, so Bri, five, got two rides.

However, Bri liked the chickens best,  after she learned to pick them up.  She even taught another girl to do it.

There were lots of cows, and we cooled down by eating ice cream from the dairy.

Fin also loved the red tractors.

Spring Cleaning Continued

This weekend I was to visit a friend who has a ranch south of town, but she called to postpone the visit, as she is sick.  So I have no excuse not to work on my projects.

I had a friend’s housekeeper come in for a morning a week-and-a-half ago.  I thought that if I had someone to work with I’d have to do the tasks that I’d put off so long.

I took the doors off the cabinets on the deck and she emptied them of all my potting supplies and cleaned them out.  Then we applied many coats of teak oil, inside and out.  (I took the doors off to lay them flat to absorb more oil.)

She also emptied and cleaned out the garden tools closet downstairs so that I could finally (after six years!) paint the shelves.

It took me another week to replace the cabinet doors and apply two coats of paint to the shelves, but they’re finally done.

My friend B helped again with her pickup truck, this time picking up the rescreened doors.  Then I still had to clean them of the spider webs and all that clung to that.  Today am attempting (finally!) to install them.  Not easy, as they are 4’ x 8’.

I bought the equipment to repair and rehang the large painting that had hung on the deck before it was ripped off, the frame bent, in a windstorm.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the energy to do that.

Ah, the joys of home ownership.


I’ve been trimming back half of my plants that had severe frost damage.  At least my feathery cassia hedge is beautifully in bloom.

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2 Responses to “The Farm”

  1. N Says:

    You are like wonder woman, with all the projects you not only begin but also complete! My heroine!!!! : )

  2. Jim Says:

    Very nice, Lynne.

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