Oh my, the High!

(No, I’m not talking of desert hallucinogenics this time.)  Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be 89°.  And we’re only halfway through March!  Contrast that to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  My Michigan friends who had visited a few weeks ago said that yesterday morning it was !  Ya gotta love the cold to spend winter in a cabin in the UP!

This Week’s Critters


A very large coyote slunk by my fence this morning.  I ran for the camera, but it had melted into the underbrush.  It’s amazing how stealthy it was.  Not a branch stirred, not a rock displaced.  The rabbit that had been there an hour before was long gone, and the fat quail had also disappeared.  The half dozen goldfinches, delighted that I added more Nyjer seed to the feeder, completely ignored the predator.


A large roadrunner has been hanging around recently, making that wind-up-toy whirring sound they make.  Yesterday morning it was hopping up the stone steps to my bedroom patio when my cat, apparently defending her territory, rushed down the spiral stairs from the deck.  Roadrunners can be pretty ferocious (they kill rattlesnakes), but discretion being the better part of valor, this one took flight (which they rarely do) and perched at the top of a nearby tree.  (Photo – mine from last year.)


Unfortunately, my cat brought in a small gopher snake last night, and when I found it she had bitten off the last 4” of its tail.  (The snake was only about 18” long.)  It looked dead, upside down, but when I put it in the rosemary it was moving its head about.  I hope that it lived.  This morning it was gone but I don’t know if it was taken by another predator.  (I was too sad about the snake to take a photo – I really like gopher snakes.  This one from the internet.)

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3 Responses to “Oh my, the High!”

  1. Mary Norton Says:

    Very nice Roadrunner photo Lynne

  2. dick Says:

    Lynne….the gopher snake uses the ‘playing opossum’ technique to avoid predators. I’m sure it survived…they re-grow the tail

  3. Jim Says:

    Cheers to Coyote, seeking a meal; cheers to Roadrunner, seeking a wife; condolences to Gopher-Snake, recovering a tail; and cheers to You, reporting the news.

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