Spring Cleaning

 Two steps forward, one step back.


I had never had indoor Majesty palms before. So I thought that the dripping sap was a palm thing. A lot of trouble to wash the floors around them, by hand, it was so sticky. Good thing that they weren’t on carpet.

But then I had an inspiration to google the problem. Ah hah! The trouble was scale and I had a heavy infestation! Solution (said the Web) was rubbing alcohol. Two hours later, I had only rubbed out a few hundred, with hundreds more around the leaf joints. The sticky leaves were still sticky.

I tried soapy water, to no avail. Hence, the dreaded chemical solution: Ortho elementals insecticidal soap from Home Depot. I sprayed most of the stalks. But the difficulty exhausted me. Maybe in a few days I’ll reassess.

The Glories of Home Ownership

The beautiful weather flips that switch in our psyches from Hole up for Winter to Throw open the doors to Spring. I decided to get my screen doors fixed and back up.

First I considered rescreening the one with a hole (probably caused by the dog of the Previous Occupant). Could I do a good job on a four-foot by eight-foot screen? I chicken out. Ace Hardware will rescreen for you.

Problem: I worked at it, but the 4’ x 8’ screen wouldn’t fit in my car. Solution: call my friend B, with the pickup truck. I managed to remove most of the spider webs. (The screens have been sitting in the garage.) But still need to clean the frames. Plus clean the window and door slots where the screens fit – also full of sticky webs.

Sigh. I don’t seem to have my mother’s enthusiasm for house cleaning.

My dresser has a coat of dust, I noticed today. And I just dusted it two weeks ago! (Yes, I know, every week is required.)

Must also get windows and carpets cleaned professionally. But what about my Persian rugs that I vacuum but have never had cleaned? Time to assess Necessary Levels of Cleanliness. (The ad showed a ball of five pounds of dirt that had been removed from a carpet…)

Then the outdoor cabinets on the deck needing oiling.  Should the kitchen cabs be oiled too? And paint touch-up where the errant bed-parts got out of control sliding down the stairs.

When my daughter and son-in-law repainted by bedroom I threw the drapes into the dryer to get rid of the dust. Guess I should do it with the drapes in the guest bedroom. Then there are the venetian blinds in the tv room and the office… Aargh!

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