My daughter and family were in town this weekend to meet up with a friend of my daughter’s (and her family) visiting from Oregon.  We were first to meet at the University of Arizona to see the entries in the Rube Goldberg competition: Watering a Plant.  It was supposed to be at Bear Down Gym at ten.  A sign there said that the location had been changed to the Rec Center. 

We strolled around (my daughter communicating by phone with the other families who hadn’t showed up yet) the enlarged Rec Center, quite nice, but some teens were playing basketball where the competition was supposed to be.  Oh well; we took the kids to Reid Park to play and feed the ducks.  Then on to lunch.

Picture this: nine adults – three couples, each with a mom/grandma (the other two grandmas were visiting from out-of-town, one with the family from Oregon, with its rain-laden skies, the other from the snows of New York), seven children, the oldest two being five-years-old, descended upon El Charro, downtown, ( for lunch.  A bit too ambitious a venue, but the food was good.

For my grandchildren, the excitement at my house was the outdoor Jacuzzi and a fire in the fireplace.  This morning, after a rainy night, there was snow on one of the Tucson Mountains.  (It’s not usually that low.)

Family left early today to return to Phoenix for a birthday party.  Amazing how much food a family of five goes through.  My refrigerator is empty!

This afternoon I noticed a javelina with his nose through my fence trying to pull a climbing rosebush up by its roots.  He took his nose out before I could get that photo, no doubt feeling guilty (or vulnerable).

Off to a friend’s this evening to watch the Oscars.

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One Response to “Phew!”

  1. kim blair Says:

    Hi Lynne, Jack & I had the same sort of experience this past weekend. I read in the paper about a “Little House of Physics” that was being held at CO State U in Ft Collins. I loaded Jack A Dog in the ‘Roo and we took the hour drive up north. I don’t know what I was thinking – I didn’t last 10 min. With all of the screaming children! Jack & I enjoyed a nice walk around Old Town Ft Collins and then took a drive home through the countryside.

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