A Tucson friend has taken her dog to San Diego to visit her son, and had asked me to care for her cat in her absence.  Kona, not quite a year old, looks a bit like my feline, but is about 2/3 the size.  My cat (pictured here in a Papago basket), however, is jealous of the usurper, and, establishing her dominance, chases Kona out of any room she’s in.  I guess it’s like children, where you should let them fight it out (as long as one doesn’t inflict bodily harm), but I have intervened on a few occasions, and my cat, enraged, has bitten me, or the other cat, frightened, has scratched me.  So my hands and arms have multiple punctures.
Then a friend in San Diego asked if he could overnight at my house on his way to Albuquerque to visit another friend.  Of course I said yes, and gave him a good dinner and breakfast Wednesday morning.  He had to share the guest bedroom with Kona, however, and said that not only did the kitten/cat attack his toes at night (which no doubt appeared as mice…) but she pulled the entire blanket off the quilt by morning.

Then, to top it off, he called me that afternoon to saw that there had been so much snow in New Mexico, before he even got to Las Cruces, that he had to turn back, and was on his way home!

LAS CRUCES – New Mexico State Police have reopened I-25 North to Albuquerque.  Police closed I-25 Northbound for safety concerns yesterday. The interstate was snow-packed and icy after the winter storm hit.  Today Las Cruces is 21°F and mostly cloudy.

 That afternoon as I was driving up to Phoenix (for an overnight and babysitting the grandkids) I noticed that a few large trucks were dropping chunks of blackened snow that had coated their undercarriages.  So cold in Phoenix that my daughter and her husband had to cover all of their citrus with sheets.  And apparently it got well below freezing in Tucson that night.  Even my agapanthus out front look terrible.  Missed covering my bougainvillea and sweet potato vine, so they’re damaged, but I had finally dug up the coleus and have it in a smaller pot inside.

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