Coyote v. Javelina

I was on the phone, standing next to the outside door, when there was a crashing in the underbrush next to my fence, and a lithe coyote darted out, chased by a large javelina. When the javelina turned back to the herd, the coyote ran towards them again, no doubt trying to separate one of the little ones, and the javelinas scurried down the hillside into the wash.

I started my walk (sandals were a bad choice; I ended up with three blisters) and stopped to chat with a neighbor walking her two miniature (not toy) poodles.  She had curtailed her walk when three coyotes appeared down the road from them. She was afraid for her dogs. She said that she and her husband had sold their large house on the east side quickly, and were renting until they decided where to buy a smaller place. She said that she was too fearful here in the desert, for her small dogs, what with the coyotes and bobcats. My cat is no doubt warier than her dogs.

The Birds

I got a photo of the female cardinal (not a pyrrhuloxia). And for the first time at this house I saw a glossy black phainopepla, silky flycatcher, at the birdbath. It flitted away into the acacia tree and I didn’t get a very good photo of it; you can’t see his gorgeous crest. Quail are seldom seen in trees, but here the “guard” has chosen the acacia for his post.

Yesterday a roadrunner walked across my patio, to the interest of the cat inside; the day before, two quail traversed the patio. No other excitement.

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2 Responses to “Coyote v. Javelina”

  1. Mary Norton Says:

    The desert wildlife drama rivals the jungle! Nice pics.

  2. Jim Says:

    The student who jogged on the athletic field every day with his coyote, corrected my idea that the coyote was his pet – “No, he is my friend. I do not give him orders. He has a mind of own. I feel privileged that he trusts me.”
    Javalinas have the courage to chase pumas up sahuaro cacti. The half-grown orphans I befriended, at the Yarapa River Lodge in Peru, followed me around, while I took photos of wildlife near the lodge. I shared part of my meals with them, and scratched them behind the ears.

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