Happy New Year

Tucson has been sunny and cold.  47° high on New Year’s Day.  The past two days the ice in the birdbath hasn’t totally melted by end of day.  Saturday was so sunny after lunch, I just threw on a sweater for my walk.  Brrrr.  The wind whipped through the open spaces, and my ears, nose, and chin were very cold.  But today is supposed to warm to the low 60’s.

Mostly bird activity in the yard.  Two subdued rabbits in the early morning, a covey of quail that stayed outside the yard, a hummingbird and a flock of goldfinches in the rosemary, a red finch sanding his beak on a branch.  I know when there’s a bird at the birdbath whenever the cat’s teeth chatter:  a Bendire’s Thrasher, a cactus wren, a female pyrrhuloxia or cardinal, too quick for me to determine whether the beak was red or yellow, and a gila woodpecker.

My mesquite table project is on hold.  Spent five days adding polyester resin to the cracks, max ¼” at a time, giving each addition a day to set up.  And that’s just on one side.  Too cold now to work on it.  (It prefers 77°, and its fumes are noxious, so I can’t work indoors.)  After I do all six sides each, then I resand.

Material Safety Data Sheet  –  Polyester Resin
Inhalation – Resin: Lung irritant, can induce drowsiness and eventual unconsciousness.  Do not breathe fumes.

Looking forward to endeavors for the New Year including doing a painting commissioned by my daughter (shown here is one I did of her), a replica of the White House State Dinner that a friend and I are putting on mid-January for friends, and a visit in February of my old college roommate and her husband (with whom I went on safari in Tanzania two years ago).  Hoping some cousins will visit too.

My OLLI classes for the New Year will be Beginning Spanish: Part II, Famous Directors (where movies will be shown), A Scientific and Technological Potpourri (which starts with A History of Atomic and Nuclear Physics), Gems of the Classical World (including Homer, Pericles, Sappho, Aeschylus, and so on), and Mythology of Civilization.  Whew!  That should ward off Alzheimer’s!!

Even with the post-holiday chores, un-decorating the tree and taking it to recycling, vacuuming cookie crumbs and sprinkles from the kitchen floor, eating leftovers, wiping myriads of grandchildren’s handprints from all glass surfaces, one can’t have post-holiday blues in this sunny weather.  This is the half of the year (with the below 100° temps) when Tucson is marvelous.

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2 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Jim Says:

    I have brought quite a bit of Tucson desert to our home here in Livermore by planting mesquite, yellow bird of paradise, paloverde, opuntia, cholla, sumac, ocotillo, and hackberry.
    What an nice photo of the cottontail!

  2. Jim Says:

    And a Happy New Year to you, dear Lynne.

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