California’s blizzard is headed for us.

In Laguna Beach, where businesses were flooded last week with water and mud flowing down canyons, flood-control drains contained the heavy burst of overnight rain. The storm that hammered the West Coast on Wednesday will move into the Southwest and Rockies today and toward the northern Plains and upper Midwest on New Year’s Eve. Today, heavy snow is forecast across the higher elevations of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming.

It poured all of last night, causing my little wash to run, and the wind was so strong that one of my patio chairs was blown across the deck.

Clouds shroud the mountains, but the snow level isn’t as low as predicted. Tonight the low is to be 27°, tomorrow night 22°. I’ll cover my pots of coleus and bougainvillea, and add a light under each of them. The sweet potato vine is probably hopeless. (I covered the bougainvillea and vine for the unseasonably early freeze in November, but they were both hit badly, hence the added light.)

So it’s one of those gray days that Tucson rarely sees. The tree branches, despite the wind whipping them around, are covered with diamonds of raindrops. Most of the yard is still green (or the gray-blue of the cactus), but the frost-tender plants, the red and yellow birds of paradise, the yellow bells, the lantana, are stalks of brown leaves.

The only wildlife in view is a hummingbird darting over the pale blue flowers of the rosemary, and a dozen goldfinches flitting back and forth to the birdfeeder.

I have a bit of a sore throat – have I picked something up from the grandkids? Enough to substitute hot tea with lemon and honey for my morning latte. A good day to snuggle in bed with a book. (Reading Tinkers, winner of the Pulitzer Prize.)


One Response to “Blizzard”

  1. Jim Says:

    Your beautiful photo of the mountains, brought back fond memories.
    I had several red bird of paradise in Tucson, but lost them one exceptionally cold winter. Do your plants freeze back to the ground every winter?
    I am very much enjoying a second reading of “Great Naturalists Explore the Amazon”.
    I hope you get well soon, Lynne.

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