A White Christmas

A few too many Londoners were wishing for a white Christmas.  But none of the reports will tell me how many inches (or centimeters) of snow.

Freezing temperatures are continuing to disrupt transport in and around London following record overnight lows. Temperatures plummeted to 7°F  in Northolt, west London – the lowest in the city for 20 years. Thousands of passengers remain stranded at Heathrow Airport and people are asked not to come to terminals 1 and 3 due to congestion there. London City Airport runway has also been closed. (December 20)

Here in Tucson the highs hover around 70°.  We had clouds last week, which made for beautiful sunrises, blown over from California storms.  (In San Diego my friend said they had 15 inches of rain in a few hours, resulting in flooded streets and power outs.)

Projects Continued

Lamps – Put together first one, turned it on, nothing.  Put together second; it worked.  Disassembled first, reassembled; it worked.  So easy!

Tables – I must praise Lowe’s.  First they allowed me to return the plane that couldn’t get through the mesquite, and I bought a quarter-sheet sander (holds a quarter sheet of sandpaper).  That did approximately nothing.  Talked to my neighbor who decided that he had to lend me his belt sander to get though the very hard wood.  Lowe’s allowed me to return that once used sander.

Many days of work with the belt sander, and sawdust everywhere, despite my frequent vacuuming, because I choose to work on my deck, where the view is beautiful, rather than in my dark garage.

Next, went to a store on 47th Street that sells polyester resin.  Bought half a pint and the catalyst to fill in the cracks.  Will do those after Christmas.  Photo is of the lamps, the sanded blocks of wood (which my granddaughter says don’t look like tables yet), the bed from IKEA, and a painting that I did of my brother’s family.  Must do something better than the very old turquoise quilt.

Rescuing an old friend

Went to Phoenix last weekend to see the grandkids and rescue an old plant.  When I had taken off for Mississippi (working with FEMA after Katrina), my ex-husband neglected the plants, and my beautiful seven-foot fishtail palm was almost dead.  When I moved my furniture to South Carolina two years later, the movers wouldn’t take the potted plants (too hot in those moving vans), so my daughter took a van full of them.  The palm had been trying to recover, but needed more attention.  My daughter suggested that I take it back, as they needed that corner for their Christmas tree, hence the rescue.

I also borrowed their dremel (pictured) for detailed work on the tables.  (I had never before heard of one.)

Rolling Stones

After Keith Richard’s book (Life) came out, Mick Jagger needed some face time, so the NY Times featured him in this month’s T magazine.  And I got to thinking how it was too bad that he never hooked up with super model Kate Moss.  But then, a rolling stone gathers no moss…

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