Creeping Up

The Bobcat

The freezing temperatures blew through and the highs now hover around 80°!  So I’ve had the doors open during the day.  This morning the cat ran in with furred-out tail, alerting me.  I grabbed my camera.

Yup, a bobcat strolling (not creeping) across my yard.

As I was typing this I noticed a rabbit dart across my driveway.  A minute later the bobcat was lopping after it.

The Holidays

What are creeping up are the Holidays.  I’ve ordered most of the gifts online.   I never did care for battling the store crowds.  My classes are winding down and my house projects are winding up.

My kids will be here for half of Christmas – two days before, but leaving after dinner Christmas Eve so they can drive back to Phoenix so that my grandchildren will wake up to Christmas at home with presents under their tree.  Then that afternoon to North Phoenix to my son-in-law’s parents’ Christmas dinner.  Phew!

The Projects

So having that minimal incentive, I’m making the guest bedroom into a guest bedroom.  So far I’ve put the IKEA bed frame together (see some-assembly-required/), but the kids will have to bring the queen-sized mattress that I bought at IKEA in their van, as it wouldn’t fit in my car.

I am in the process of making two knock-off Saladino lamps.  Love these but am not prepared to pay $1600 (each!) for the original.  Got the glass vases at 40% off at Michaels, and the lampshades (50% off) and the lamp kits at Northside Lighting & Fan. (saladinostyle).

Next project is turning two-foot section of my neighbor’s cut-down mesquite tree into bedside tables.  The most evenly cut one I’ve been using next to my chaise lounge for a side table, but it’s off kilter a bit.  I bought an old-fashioned plane (pictured), but mesquite wood is so hard I couldn’t get through it!  I’ve been picking away at the bark, but that is a slow process too.

Anyway, for half a week’s food budget I rented a chainsaw to convert one log to a rectangular solid.  Right.  It was a contest which heated up first, the chain saw or me, outside in jeans in 80° weather.  Couldn’t get more than a few inches into it.  So I called the Tumacacori Mesquite Sawmill, where my neighbor got the milled mesquite for his projects, asking if they would mill my logs.  No, but they suggested a one-man mill here in South Tucson.

I borrowed one of my friends’ weight-training students from the neighboring high school to get the very heavy logs into my car.  (I had used two of his students before, for cash, to rearrange my living room furniture and to move a giant rock in my yard.)  Will take the logs to the mill on Tuesday.  Stay tuned.

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One Response to “Creeping Up”

  1. N Says:

    You are incredible!! Very impressed by your retiree industriousness. (is that even a word?!)

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