Frozen Vegetables

Had an early hard frost (low 20’s!!) last night. Remembered to turn off my drip system so that it didn’t attempt to turn on in the early morning when the tubes were frozen. (Today changed the timing to noon to alleviate that problem.) Forgot to take in the small pots of my herbs, so lost the basil, although the chives, parsley, thyme and oregano still look ok. The peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant in the vegetable garden were frozen, as was the geranium by my bedroom patio. I covered the coleus and put a light behind it in the corner of the covered deck, so it’s ok, but even though I covered the sweet potato vine and dwarf bougainvillea in their pots, they look dreadful. Petunias, asparagus ferns, chrysanthemums ok.

Desert Snow

Desert broom is the desert scourge, but the neighbors in The Bridge House next door aren’t into weeding. A giant broom (seen here from my kitchen window, with a reflection on the glass) is spreading its puffballs of seeds, “desert snow”, all over the neighborhood.


Had a lovely Thanksgiving with San Diego friends, with their kids, grandson, mother, and neighbors, following the Sunset magazine menu, Tex-Mex meets California (, although we did not eat it on the beach as suggested. Recipes included a chorizo apple stuffing and a mole gravy for the turkey.

For those of you who are uninitiated, mole (pronounced mo-lay) is a sauce:

Mole poblano contains about twenty ingredients, including chili peppers and chocolate, which works to tame the heat of the chili peppers. This sauce is most often served over turkey at weddings and at Christmas in the states. (sauce)

(Their neighbor made the mole.  If anyone is interested in the recipe, I can email it to you, as I don’t know how to attach a pdf to this blog.)  The pumpkin was served as pumpkin taco appetizers. For desert I had made two Long Beach lime pies.

These are friends who I remember tucking their whippets into bed at night. (That was BC – Before Children.) But I found out that their present dog also likes to be tucked in:


I enjoyed taking photos with my cell phone of the terrain on my drive to and from San Diego.  Liked the quality of the photos, even the rain spots on my window.  Here is a photo of the road block in California on my way in.  Looking for what, I don’t know.

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2 Responses to “Frozen Vegetables”

  1. Jim Says:

    We put out extra birdseed for our hundreds of birds, extra carrot peels for our 2 brush rabbits; and turkey leftovers for our gray fox – on Thankgiving. Our 112 year old Belgian sheep dog could not get enough to satiate her. Mary tried a new Mayo Clinic cranberry stuffing, which everyone relished. Everyone prepared something exceptionally good. It was quite a feast.
    You take such nice photos, Lynne.

  2. kim blair Says:

    The photos are nice!

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