Now you have two reasons to lose weight before getting on a plane:

  • The seat widths have been narrowing by 2” a year for I don’t know how long, so now even I, weighing only 120, have to squeeze between the arm rests
  • You need to look good in the new scanners, kinda like getting ready for summer’s bathing suits

Note: Rocky Flats Gear is manufacturing X-ray proof underwear:

Passengers traveling by air, on the busiest travel day in the United States, who are worried about the Transportation Security Administration security scanners filming their privates now have a way out: anti-radiation underwear.

The underwear, sold by Colorado company Rocky Flats Gear, feature a unique fig leaf patterns over the ‘sensitive area’, with the leaves made out of material promising to “block natural and man-made radiation.”

Rocky Flats Gear is offering this revolutionary flexible, attractive, lightweight, lead free, radiation shielding garments for individuals, who want to make sure the TSA security personnel are unable to see their ‘junk’ on what is being referred to as porn-like pictures of the human anatomy and have resulted in at least one congressman stepping up to say “enough is enough” and then introducing a bill to put a stop to the madness.

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One Response to “Flying”

  1. Jim Says:

    How much did the scanner’s lobby pay our elected official to mandate body scans; and who exactly was paid?
    What scientific study has shown that the DNA in our ovaries and sperm are fully protected?

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