In the dark, in the rain

Body Muscles

One must exercise one’s muscles so that they don’t atrophy.  My well-educated friends (hence, not couch potatoes) walk, work out at fitness centers, take yoga, jazzercise, and Pilates.  The well-to-do ones have personal trainers.

For the Baby Boomers not able to handle the Ironman Triathlon, there is the short Sprint course.

The sprint distance is the fastest growing triathlon race distance in the United States. 

Tucson’s Tinfoilman Triathlon was on Sunday 10-10-10.  (It was called the TENfoilman.  One “only“ has a 825 yard pool swim, 12 mile bike ride, and 3 mile run. 

Brain Muscles

One must also exercise one’s brain to ward off the dreaded Alzheimer’s.  There are numerous classes for our aging population (such as OLLI) and friends do crossword puzzles, sudoku, kenken.

But here is another exercise: 

Fly into a city that you’ve only been to once before, on a rainy night.  Rent a car, forget to get a map, refuse to pay extra for a GPS system, and, as you’re zipping down a freeway, in the dark, in the rain, at 60 mph, acquaint yourself with the car.

  • Find the tripometer and set it to zero
  • Find a pleasant station on the radio
  • Find the cruise control and set it
  • Find the map light so that you can read the next direction that your daughter has printed off from Google (which is just as bad as texting while driving!)

Next, strategize how to get from A to B as the exit that you were supposed to take is closed for construction.

  • Take the next exit
  • Pull into the first gas station
  • Narrate your problem to the man behind the counter in the Quikmart.  A woman interrupts and asks if you’re looking for SR16.  Yes.  She says she’s going that way , that you should follow her.  You do.  Luckily, because it’s quite a ways with a left turn and a right turn and only one small sign.

Arrive, after a 2 1/2 hour drive, at one in the morning.

That was a better brain exercise than the two sudoku puzzles in the plane magazine.

Today, the day for my cousin’s memorial service, it is snowing.  Temperatures 45/32.  (Tomorrow, the day I get to drive back to the airport, is predicted 37/32.)

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2 Responses to “In the dark, in the rain”

  1. Jim Says:

    Life if full of physical and mental exercises which are productive; when a person is no longer productive, physically and mentally, its time for visit from the Reaper.

  2. Rhonda R. Fleming Says:

    Ah, I’ve experienced something similar to your adventures in driving, but thankfully, not recently.

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