I just walked out back (9am), inadvertently into a faceoff between my cat on the spa deck, growling lowly, tail furred, and a bobcat not much bigger than her, which was between her and the house.  My first thought was camera, but unlike war reporters, I would prefer to stop the conflict than to report it.  The bobcat glanced at me and slowly slunk off into the underbrush.


Last night when I was working on the computer my cat was watching something outside the window, in the dark.  Camera.  Just the herd of javelinas crossing the driveway, but I couldn’t see them, just smell them. 

Javelina have a distinct dorsal gland on the rump that is essential in much species-specific behavior.  The “musk” gland gives off a strong odor.  When approaching from downwind you will often smell them before you see them. 

Scent gland close-up.  It looks like a small nipple.

The problem with taking photos in the dark is that you can’t see where the camera is aimed.  And the flash seems negligible.  The photos looked completely black until I adjusted the exposure in Photo.  (That’s a mesquite bean in the mouth of the one on the right.)

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2 Responses to “Faceoff”

  1. Jim Says:

    Were you successful in releasing that beautiful rattlesnake?
    Javelinas too eat rattlesnakes.
    Neighbors intermittently drop off house cats at our ranch. When my son was young, we took them to the Humane Society because they upset the balance of nature by killing all of the small help animals – a 2-3 hour ordeal. We were informed that their chances of being adopted were very slim. So we then took them to the edge of town and released them. Now, I ignore them; and a predator gets them in less than a week.

    • notesfromthewest Says:

      Didn’t catch the snake, so no release. Sorry to hear about the abandoned cats. My neighbor told me that another neighbor’s house cat accidentally got out and was taken by three coyotes.

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