Arizona Wildcats

The Bobcats

(Hah!  You thought that I was going to talk about football…)

Whenever I’m leaving the house, I first find the cat, to make sure she’s inside.  I looked outside and instead of my housecat, two bobcats were lounging on my deck.  I took a bad photo through the door, then went outside to ask if I could photograph, and they took a leisurely exit.  (It wasn’t until the last shot that I remembered about the zoom lens.)  Siblings or mates?

The Thorn Bush

I have mentioned my thorn bush in Love those clouds…  [A beautiful cardinal enjoyed the berries on the bush/tree (which name I don’t know)] and in Yes, but it’s a dry heat… [This morning the quail were trying to balance in a thorn bush to eat the berries]; today I finally got around to looking it up.

Desert Hackberry Celtis ehrenbergiana

SHRUB: Large or medium size leafy shrub with dark gray or brown bark.

ARMED: Sharp thorns 1-2 cm long, often with short apical spurs. The spines occur two to a node.

LEAVES: Simple and relatively large. Dull green, thin, leathery, margins smooth or with a few course teeth.

FRUIT: A sweet, bright orange berry, 7 mm dia., with one hard seed. Berries ripen July-Dec. with quantity and timing highly dependent on rainfall.

RANGE: Common along washes especially with increasing elevation and available moisture. Absent from the lowest, driest areas of the Sonoran Desert.

The edible berries are sweet to man and birds. Hermit Thrush, Northern Cardinal, towhees, Phainopepla, Townsend’s Solitaire, Cedar Waxwing, thrashers, White-crowned Sparrow and House Finch are among the birds likely to be seen at Desert Hackberry when in fruit.

I don’t know the Hermit Thrush or the Townsend’s Solitaire, and I’ve never seen a Cedar Waxwing around, but I’ll pay more attention.  (They don’t mention the quail.)

The Coyote

Yesterday the coyote looked in the fence, but didn’t enter the yard.

The Walkingstick

Rather an anticlimax to the predators, a walkingstick by my front door.

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One Response to “Arizona Wildcats”

  1. Jm Says:

    A friend in Tucson, sent me half a dozen seeds from her hackberry bush, a year ago. I planted them in potting soil. They are now a foot tall and ready to be planted in the ground.

    I Googled, “pet bobcat” and enjoyed learning the joys and pains of sharing your life with one of these magnificent cats.

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