October 9, 2010

This morning was deliciously cool, 59° when I got up.  (For you non-Tucsonans, if the sky is clear, the night low drops to 30° below the day high.)  I have ceased drinking my summer iced coffee and am having hot lattes, and even made hot oatmeal today.  I’ve edited My Favorite Things…

Cool autumn mornings while snuggled in down,
Sun-dried clean linens (I can’t find a noun),
Tendrils of vines as they climb up a wall,
These are the things that I love about Fall.

When my job tanks, when the stocks crash,
When my jeans are torn,
I simply remember I still have some cash,

And then I don’t feel… forlorn.

I was awakened last night by what sounded like young coyotes cavorting in my yard.  No, I did not get up.

The previous night I was roused by scurrying under my bed.  I turned on the light; of course, the cat was chasing a mouse.  So I opened the screen for the mouse but the cat got out too.  I turned off the lamp and went back to sleep.  The next morning a half-devoured mouse awaited me next to the front door.

I haven’t had a vegetable garden in so long, the plants coming up thrill me.  Here are photos of the bush pea plants so far, the fava bean plants which will twirl up the fence, and the arugula which I have obviously spread too thickly.     From the few plants I put in last spring, I roasted a bell pepper, a plum tomato, and a Japanese eggplant for a salad yesterday.  Not a great yield, but tasty.



klutz  (US, pejorative) A clumsy or stupid person; an oaf.

It wasn’t so bad when I spilled an entire glass of water from my nightstand onto the newspaper that I hadn’t read yet.  I spread the wet pages all over the bedroom, and in our arid climate they dried in no time.  Imagine if it had been lemonade.

But I had borrowed my neighbor’s alligator clipper – a mini chainsaw shielded on both sides – and I got it caught in a tree.  Should have been sawing down, not up, ‘cause when the branch started to break, the chain was caught.  I rescued it by using my pruning saw (which I hadn’t wanted to use ‘cause the sawing wears me down), but then I had to contend with the chain being off kilter.

So I googled the make and “how to replace chain”, read the instructions, and with more muscle than I thought that I had, undid the bolts, put the chain back on track, and everything was copacetic.

I have been cutting off low branches on my trees so that I can walk under them, and have been trimming my neighbor’s mesquite, where it hangs over my lot 15 feet, to allow my palo verdes to grow upright.   I manage to fill a trash container each week.  (I often save the leaves for my compost pile.)  But I returned the alligator and am now using my pruning saw.

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2 Responses to “Cool”

  1. erda matheson Says:

    Lynn – You’re amazing. You write so beautifully and are so responsive to life around you. We do read your emails, though not every day. Life is a challenge for all of us, especially as time passes. Know that we think of you and send you our best. Our love, Erda

  2. Jim Says:

    All creatures great and small, my sweet Lynne loves them all.

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