September Storms and Critters

The Storm

We actually had more rain last week.  On Wednesday I was in one of my extension classes from U of A – this one runs from 11:15 to 1:15 – and during our break someone came back and said that it was pouring outside.  But by the time the class was over, the rain had conveniently stopped.  I noticed, driving home, that he Santa Cruz River was running, so it had been quite a downpour.  (I’m taking four classes from

The Bobcat

Last week I was sitting on the bed, reading my Sierra Club magazine at 5pm, when I noticed a movement.  I had missed the young bobcat walking across my whole patio!  Could have gotten a good photo…  (My, but the window is dirty.)

I dashed outside to catch it going through the fence.  Notice that it turned towards me when I asked it to.  And notice that I blurred the photo.  After it had gone beyond the fence, I took another picture, this one fuzzier!  I’ve got to calm down to photograph.

I didn’t be letting Cami out to hunt that night.

The Coyotes

Last night I was alerted, after the flurry of a coven of quail taking flight (which they seldom do), by the cat’s watchfulness.  There was a trio of beautiful young coyotes just outside the fence.  Alas, it was too dark for a photo. And any flash would simply light up the door.   Plus, the coyotes are more skittish than the bobcats, and when I opened the screen door (which is very noisy, even thought I WD-40’ed it a few weeks ago) they ran. 

Another night that the cat did not go out.  However, she never even asked.  She knew.

The Grasshopper

Ok, a grasshopper is definitely an anticlimax after the bobcat and coyotes.  But it is a continuation of the basil story.  Not only did I have that giant worm eating the leaves, the next day I had this very camouflaged grasshopper. Can you even make it out on the center leaf?

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4 Responses to “September Storms and Critters”

  1. N Says:

    The grasshopper looks like a praying mantis. What classes are you taking?

    • notesfromthewest Says:

      My classes are An Edible History of Humanity, Human Activity: Its Impact on the Nature of Darwinian Evolutionary Change, Film Discussion (Cherry Blossoms – great flick), Book Discussion (Mountain Beyond Mountains – great book), Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence, and The Roswell Incident. Some of the classes, like Jewish Writers in Europe and America, I think are full. You call see all of them on the OLLI web site (see above). They meet in the old TEP bldg downtown.

  2. Barbara Kittle Says:

    I seem to have a coyote family too, I just saw two walk by and the other day there were four. They are very wary ( and skinny) but beautiful.

  3. Jim Says:

    You have seen more predators in your yard than Mary and I saw while hiking the rugged trails along the creeks and lakes in Estes Park this week. They are there in abundance, according to the rangers, but too stealthy to be seen.

    We were there to practice our wildlife photography for Amazon, and to watch the spectacular herds of giant elk in their violent rutting season. The fighting and mating of the dominant males often makes them more susceptible to death by starvation in the harsh winters. The natural predator of the now overpopulated elk, the wolf, is expected to return in the not distant future.

    Katydids resemble grasshoppers.

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