The Ugliest Houses

Do inexpensive houses have to be ugly?  Old Pueblo Community Services, building Skyview Terrace in Tucson, seems to think so.  These houses are being built across Anklam from Starr Pass.

Here, by contrast, are some of the Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation houses for the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, designed by Kieran Timberlake, Billes Architecture, and Concordia.

And a photo of the K Lofts in San Diego, designed by Jonathan Segal Architect, that, in 2008, won the AIA/HUD Secretary Award for excellence in affordable housing architecture.

“This project shows that affordable projects can look great. This reflects designs south of the border and plays with the colors of Mexico in this location that is not too far from the border,” the jury said.

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4 Responses to “The Ugliest Houses”

  1. Alissa C. Says:

    There are some pretty cool prefabs out there:

    My favorite:

  2. Jim Says:

    Mayor takes bribes from builders of cardboard boxes…?

  3. richard kizu-blair Says:

    I saw the Make It Right Foundation houses in Spike Lee’s follow up movie on Katrina…they’re pretty cool, and I give credit to Brad Pitt for making something positive happen.

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