The Endless Summer

Aargh!   Summer won’t let go.  It is supposed to be back up to 101° today!

Feathered Friends

My oh my.  A clutch of seventeen quail in my yard this morning, making an incredible racket. NOK chi chi Nok chi chi, er RAK er RAK er RAK.  The kids have grown up; why aren’t they on their own?  It’s not like they can’t find jobs.

A woodpecker trying to get seeds from the feeder.  Two towhees playing tag.  Goldfinches.  A hummingbird in the sweet acacia, which is in bloom.

And the willow acacia (pictured), which is also in bloom outside my kitchen window, was aflutter with dozens of small butterflies.


I’m not up to Barbara Kingsolver‘s gardening, as depicted in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, but  I am attempting to till the soil in my small enclosed vegetable garden area.  Much of it is caliche, that desert cement, holding the rocks together.  That and the myriad tree roots are a bother.  Have run out of sifted compost; must now give my pile, full of earthworms, another month or two.  Had to buy soil amendment, but it seems to be ground-up Xmas trees, with that lovely scent.

Furry Critters

Yesterday evening a young rabbit on my patio. 

But the excitement was at one o’clock last night, when I was awakened from my sound sleep by a tiny meow, my cat’s word for look at the live creature that I brought you.  I turned on the bedside lamp, and there she was with an undamaged pocket mouse.  I got up to pick it up to take it outside, and it bolted.  Flash!  Both were gone.  I put on my glasses and bathrobe and walked around, turning on lights.  No sign of them on the lower floor.  Then I heard another meow.  The mouse had dashed up the stairs and the cat had it cornered in the powder room.  I picked it up this time, and had just opened the bedroom screen door when it leaped from my hand and darted under the bed; tenacious bugger.  I just knew if I tried to grab it again, it would be off, so I called in the cat, who strolled down, nonchalantly licking herself.  I shoved her under the bed where she ignored the rodent, so I picked it up, and tossed it out.  Phew!  Took a few minutes to get back to sleep.  Again I had neglected to take a photo.

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2 Responses to “The Endless Summer”

  1. N Says:

    September AND October in Tucson are always hot hot hot. You must have forgotten…☼☼☼

  2. Jim Says:

    Hot weather, in the evening, is good for swimming a few kilometers.

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