The Balmy Desert

You people back east may not understand, but as soon as the temperatures in Tucson go below 100°, we consider it downright balmy.  When I got up this morning, it was 67°!  Put away the shorts; bring out the jeans!  The morning breezes have a whiff of fall, cool and sad.  (Why is that?)

My yard is filling in nicely.  Even the thorn-apple weeds, whose white flowers only come out at night, look good.  The rain lilies are finally blooming, and most everything that blossomed in the spring is on a second wind, the barrel cactus, my yellow vine (can anyone identify it for me?), the yellow and red birds of paradise, and the texas rangers, covered in lavender flowers.

Yesterday I missed another photo of the young coyote nosing through my yard.  I had walked into the dining room upstairs, and saw him down in the garden.  My camera was, of course, in the bedroom downstairs, and I didn’t get there fast enough.  I opened the door and said Hi there and he turned back, but he was beyond the fence across the yard, and my camera focused on the fence.

Today he stayed outside the fence (pictured here).  Then I noticed a full-grown coyote beyond.  His mom?

Each day last week the wind whipped up and I heard thunder in the background, but it only rained once.  This week we’re still getting a few clouds, just enough to keep the humidity in the 30’s, but the monsoons are over.

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2 Responses to “The Balmy Desert”

  1. LYN KAGEY Says:

    Sounds lovely!

  2. Jim Says:

    Once, I saw a young man and his coyote friend jogging together on the athletic field.
    Ramon Cumpanam told me that to be trusted by an animal, he first had to present a small gift of friendship to the animal’s spirit.
    Most of the time, coyotes observe us without letting themselves be seen. When they do let themselves be seen, it is for a good reason – such as hunting your cat.
    I suspect that the thorn apple, like the dature, is pollinated by the sphinx moth – seen shortly after sunset.

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