Howling Coyotes

The morning birdsong was marred by the lawnmowers on the golf course and an occasional plane flying over.

I know no reason why a dozen goldfinches arrived at my feeder the other day.  Same finch food they haven’t liked; no new nyjer thistle.

A coyote stalked through the bushes behind my yard this morning.  The cat seemed to know that it couldn’t come through the fence; instead in running inside, she climbed the stairs to watch it from above.

All around town the Texas Rangers are holding their blooms, but mine have become brown tears dropped onto a spider’s web.

The red bird of paradise and the yellow bells are flowering, and the saguaro is re-blooming.

The temperatures hover above 100°, and the humidity stays around 30%, so that if I don’t wear a bandana around my head while working in the yard the sweat drips into my eyes.

A hawk flew low over the garden.  I got a photo while it sat for a moment in a tree.  Think it’s a pigeon hawk.  I couldn’t see its breast and didn’t get a photo in flight to verify.

Inside my lipstick vine is finally blooming.  The one that I had in my office in SC loved the fluorescent lights and bloomed constantly.  (See how the red bloom comes out of the dark-colored tubular calyx as if a tube of lipstick is being twisted up.)

The coyotes were screaming tonight.  (It sounded like someone was prodding them with a hot poker.)  Then they settled down to short howls.

It’s 7:30 pm and the temperature has cooled down to only 100°.  So I haven’t been leaving my door opened, with the screen, at night.  Hoping for more of the cooling rains.

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2 Responses to “Howling Coyotes”

  1. Jim Says:

    Some breeds of dogs retain the ability to communicate by howling. Our Belgian Turverene howls at the door beautifully when she want to come back into the house.
    Your Harris hawk seems thoroughly habituated.
    Does your Redbird of Paradise survive the rare exceptionally cold winters in Tucson; mine died, and I had to start new ones from seed?

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