The Neighborhood

Wildflowers and wild grasses line the asphalt road, probably because that’s the only place they can find sunshine.

Houses are heavily screened by the forest.  Here’s a photo of my brother’s house from the road.  Reminds me of Mt. Lemmon before The Fire.  Before all of the trees in Summerhaven charred and residents replaced their burned-down cabins with larger, more ostentatious ones.

Renters down the street are being evicted.  Rumor has it that storage sheds have been broken into and tools stolen.  Trees cut down in neighbors’ yards and suspicious-looking firewood piled at their rental.

The Creek

Austin Creek, which is the visible top of the water table from which residents here get their water, is running 9” deep.  Previously constructed dams, which had created water holes for swimming, were removed by the California Department of Fish and Game.  Now more water flows to the Pacific and the creek is too shallow for any fish but minnows.

The Beach

Spent this afternoon at the beach, at Goat Rock, where the Russian River empties. Cold and VERY windy.  Two teenagers in bathing suits, but only the harbour seals going into the water.

Two piles of seals, iridescent, all lazily basking in the sun, no doubt knowing there were signs posted not to bother them.

Other than seagulls, there were a few terns, a few coots, 16 Canadian geese, and as many cormorants.


We’ll see the Gap show at SFMOMA on Sunday since we’ll be in The City for Fourth of July festivities.

Yes, the founders of Gap, the clothing store, Doris and Donald Fisher, collected art for many years, displaying the pieces in their corporate offices.  For the first time the collection is presented to the public.

…more than 1,100 works by iconic 20th century artists, more than 160 paintings, sculptures, photographs, and video works by Alexander Calder, Chuck Close, Anselm Kiefer, Roy Lichtenstein, Agnes Martin, Gerhard Richter, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, and many more.

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