Baby Quail

The Blessed Event

They’re here!  The long-waited-for event: baby quail.  A mom with seven young ‘uns were jumping onto my driveway curb yesterday.  I ran for my camera, but of course I missed the photo.  (This one from the internet, of a family in palo verde blossoms.) 

I ran out back to call the cat ‘cause I definitely didn’t want her getting any of those cute flightless acorns.  She came when she was called, but she had already left a gift for her goddess, a wounded lizard.  He was alive, but with a small hole in his side.  Not sure he’ll make it.

Catch and Release

Catch-and-release only seems to work when I’m around.  Last night while I was fixing dinner she came up to the deck with a lizard.  When I picked her up and she released it, it scurried down the spiral stairs!  No trace of it so I guess it managed. 

This morning I saw my cat slink onto the patio with a 9” lizard in her mouth.  When I caught her she dropped it and it skittered into the house!  She caught it again, but I grabbed her and closed her out of the room, cornered the lizard (I should take photos first) and put it outside.

Later in the afternoon I did take a photo of one of her lizards ‘cause I loved the turquoise of its belly, and although it appeared unhurt, it stayed still, in shock.  Unfortunately, I got the camera too close and the photo is blurry.


BB (Before Bobcats) I left the cat out whenever she wanted to be, since she does have a dog door into the garden tools closet, to come in, and can get into the house if I leave the door from that into the laundry room open.  She used to leave sacrifices on the deck – mice, or pieces of mice, a tail, or a head and tail, or a tail and tiny feet.  One night I heard her eating one outside the bedroom door.  Crunch, crunch, even the head devoured.  (See my blog  which talks about the Arizona Pocket Mouse.)

Now that she is not allowed out at night, she concentrates on the day creatures – lizards.  She is a good hunter.


Bonk.  A fly flew into the window and struggled on his back on the patio for a minute before flying off.  Yesterday a dove flew into the kitchen window and fluttered off with a headache.


I guess I’m back on the javelina route.  A few were about yesterday, and I got photos of three this morning.  One of them looked like someone had taken a bite out of his/her hind end.

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2 Responses to “Baby Quail”

  1. Jim Says:

    From the way the javelina are carefully observing you, to assess your intentions, I suspect that they very intelligence.

    I once slept out on a cot in desert, on the front lawn of friend. In the middle of night, I was awakened by sounds. To my delight, in bright moonlight, I discovered half a dozen javalina around me, contentedly munching on the grass.

  2. Jim Says:

    The Daily Coyote and Vespa Vagabond « The Urban HippieFeb 21, 2009 … Darvinia // March 6, 2010 at 5:31 pm | Reply. Charlie and Wild … I stumbled across a delightful blog by Lynne Blair in Arizona, ……/the-daily-coyote-and-vespa-vagabond/ – Cached

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