Presents for Ramon’s Family

Miercoles 28Apr10

I stayed back this morning to download my pix and write but Mary didn’t set off ‘til ten as the chainsaw had been returned earlier in “our” boat.  She was just out for a couple of hours because it started to rain.

 After lunch I was reading on a side bench when Rebecca decided to get cuddly.  Mary got a few shots of her curled around my neck.  We were happy like that for half an hour; she even stayed on my shoulder as I got my stuff together for an afternoon outing.  But when she took off my glasses I grabbed for her and she shrieked and climbed up to the rafters.  Not sure if she understood that she was not to take my glasses, or would be wary of me again.


We requested to see marmosets and sloths this afternoon (by looking at pictures in the Peru book, as we didn’t know the translations).  Jose got out and slogged through the forest where the marmosets lived, but said that they were too far up to really see.  A bit further downriver, however, they found two sloths, the first a mother with a baby.  Their coloring was pretty – a splotch of orange, black spots on a tan back.  And they moved faster than any sloth I had seen previously (on Johnny Carson, but also many in trees next to the roads in Costa Rica).  Huge curved nails.

The sun was low, going over the trees – they don’t have daylight savings time.

I doled out the rest of my T-shirts to Arturo and Jose, Ramon and Nati’s family.  (Photo of Ramon and his grandson Jerry.)  Mary had said that Ramon had worn out the boots that they had given him three years ago, so Ramon and I compared, and his feet were the same length as mine, although wider, so I told him that I would leave him mine when we departed on Sunday.  (“Told him” in 2/3 Spanish, 1/3 sign language.)

Mary showed Jonathan and Sergio Jr how to use the CD player for the Spanish/English CD’s she left.  Of course, the CD’s didn’t have expressions concerning marmosets and sloths. 

All of the kids were able to sing Head Shoulder Knees and Toes.  I gave Cindy (age 13) the English/Spanish book, with Spanish phonetic pronunciations for the English words, that I had originally bought for the school, and she and the boys were practicing with it.  (Sergio Jr proudly showed me the picture of the boy in the book with body parts labeled – head, shoulders, knees and toes).  I also taught them, to their delight (really!) the ABC song in English.  (The alphabet with phonetic Spanish pronunciations is also in the book.)


One Response to “Presents for Ramon’s Family”

  1. Jim Says:

    It will be a challenge to introduce Rebecca to living partially wild. Having grown up around bipedal primates, she lacks the the natural education of the wild capuchin that so necessary for survival. I suspect that her best chances of survival are to be achieved by living around Darvinia Lodge, where Carlos and his family will indefinitely continue to watch after her.

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