Highs and Lows

Yesterday the temperature went up to 85° and I had to turn the AC on in my car. Supposed to be 15° cooler today with an overcast sky, after I turned off the heat downstairs in my house and turned on the AC upstairs. Will no doubt be bouncing back and forth for a few weeks. The Rillitto River was running up to Campbell, partly from all of the rains that we’ve had, but mostly from snow melt. The surrounding mountain peaks are still snow-capped, but not for long with these warm temperatures. We may get a bit more rain today.

My lone rabbit is nibbling away at my weeds; just wish he’d stay away from my wildflowers. He fascinates my cat; yesterday I caught her before she (maybe) pounced on him in my rosemary. Whoops – either he’s dashing quickly in circles outside my fence or I’ve just seen a second bunny. Hope for him it’s the opposite sex. Noticed that the side of the road is abloom in desert marigold and brittlebush, not devoured because rabbits would not eat that close to cars zipping by.

My feathery cassia is blooming beautifully, although not as solid in the section that I had trimmed the most, and the three in the shade haven’t made it yet. Yellow buds are appearing on the creosote but the palo verdes haven’t started so far. Whatever is causing sneezing everywhere is doing fine, however. Positives and negatives of Spring.

Existential angst. That’s what my shrink says is causing my lassitude. And you’re right, I have lost more weight, another four pounds. Sixteen pounds down from my “fat” and happy high, but sixteen pounds over my fighting weight in college (first time around). Lousy way to lose it though, existential angst. I think that the Amazon will click me out of it, although not too sure about the food there…

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One Response to “Highs and Lows”

  1. yasseryazl Says:

    The nature is always interesting!

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