Why do rabbits and quail get along so well?  I’ve often seen them together and today my lone rabbit, along with a covey of quail, was feasting on the bed of weeds the rains had brought.  The doves are doing their mating thing, the feeder is full of finches and there are a few in the rosemary.

Fewer than yesterday morning.  Because I had been out for most of the day yesterday, when I returned home I opened the upstairs door for my cat, assuming that she’d sit on the spiral staircase, away from marauding bobcats.  Wrong.  At six I was tapping away at my computer and heard a crunching.  She had brought her finch to me as a present, although she was eating it, no doubt forgetting that I had said No Birds!  So we’re even.  My window killed one (we shouldn’t put windows where birds fly); she killed another.  But today I closed her in and her tail has been twitching like crazy.  Also, to see the rabbit over the rosemary, from her place on the carpet, she has to sit up like a meerkat.  (I did not take the photo.)

This morning the golf course was a blanket of white and my spa cover had frost on it.  Bother!  I had neglected to cover the frost-tender potted plants on my deck.  Luckily they were ok.  Was supposed to reach 70° today and no rain is predicted for the weekend.  Good news for Music in the Canyon which is Saturday and the Tucson Festival of Books Saturday and Sunday at the University of Arizona, which is supposed to attract more than 50,000 (!) people.  (I’m volunteering for both.)  Next week the temperatures are to climb to 80°.  Gotta get the summer clothes out.

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