Quirky Art

I like Jean Luc’s sheep. sheep


I’ve always loved Deborah Butterfield’s horses.  She first makes them out of sticks, then casts the pieces in bronze, reassembles them and welds the pieces together.  I actually priced one once.  Way out of my league.


There’s another Cai Guo-Qiang (tigers this time).  Kinda gruesome.

Ron Mueck is another favorite, although I prefer his large woman (below) to this large man.  (That’s the artist doing her hair.)

This site has a great photos of his work:  ron-mueck





I thought that this kiss was kinda nifty too.  (Not Mueck, we’ve gone on.) thedissolve

Then there are fun videos: Top 10 Street Piano Performances

And this Aussie is captivating: Aussie

Further on there’s a youtube for Urinetown, Snuff that Girl. Don’t like the content, but the singing and dancing remind me of a scruffier version of West Side StoryUrinetown

Well, there are tons of interesting pieces of art on this site.  Take your pick.

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