First Name Basis

I’m now on the first name basis not only with President Obama, but with the previous two presidents:


We are so grateful for your quick response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti and the massive humanitarian crisis that has followed.

Donation by donation, it’s the generosity of people like you that is keeping the Haiti relief effort going. And it’s people like you who make us believe that despite the setbacks, Haiti still has a chance to overcome its history of poverty and neglect.

As you read this, your contribution is helping us support organizations providing direct relief and assistance to survivors, including medical care, food, water, shelter, and education.

And it’s not going to stop there.

The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund will continue to work with reputable organizations, the Haitian government, and most importantly the people of Haiti to ensure that they are empowered to create more opportunities for jobs, education, and health care than existed the day before this tragedy occurred.

Together — long after the television crews have gone and emergency response teams have returned to their home countries — we will continue working toward Haiti’s long-term rebuilding and recovery.

Thank you for being part of that work with us. We’ll keep in touch as the relief effort in Haiti continues.


President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush

I noted that One hundred percent of donations received by the Clinton Foundation and the communities Foundation of Texas go directly to relief efforts. For more information, visit

The Peruvian earthquake (8.8) was almost 100 times greater than the Haitian (7.0) but because much of Peru had been rebuilt to stringent earthquake code after a 9.5 struck in 1960 and a 7.8 in 1985, only hundreds died instead of the hundreds of thousands in Haiti. My kids are in Hawaii and said that the tsunami which had been predicted was a dud, only a one-foot rise of the Pacific.

Boy, have we had a lot of rain! Tucson used to have about 12” a year, but last year had only about 8”. I’ll bet that we’ve had that much just in January and February of this year. The rain started again last night and is still going. Have seen one rabbit and a couple of finches. The coyotes were doing their howling thing at noon, rather than their usual evening get-together. I guess the rest of the critters have hunkered down until the sun shines again.

Anyway, it’s a good day to spend reading the Sunday Times. I’ve never read as much in the Sports section as I have these past two weeks. Love these winter Olympics stories. This is a funny article that talks about the warm weather in Vancouver with cherry trees in bloom and a guy riding a hotel elevator in Bermuda shorts. He also says, Somewhere, I’m sure, vendors were selling the official Hawaiian shirt of the Vancouver Games.

And today’s NY Times magazine has an article on Scott Brown; since my TV doesn’t work, I missed the SNL skit:

I also hadn’t seen the Cosmo centerfold:

Politics are sure heating up!

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