My Blair House and Theirs (2/25/2010)

It was cloudy this morning, but the clouds  lifted for the annual Rodeo Parade today.  My yard is alive with critters.  First the adolescent bobcat (I say adolescent because it hasn’t bulked up yet) strolled across the yard, stopping to stretch on top of the spa cover.  My cat’s tail furred out as though she had seen my granddaughter!  (To think that when I lived in South Carolina I had to take her to Home Depot or Blockbuster to get her adrenaline coursing.)  I dove for the camera, missing his/her exit.  I still haven’t determined whether they go over or through the fence with pickets 4” on center.

After that two families of quail ambled on their circuitous routes through the yard and one rabbit bopped around.   (Had the bobcat devoured its mate?)  Maybe the quail are pecking at my wildflower seedlings.  And Inca doves have joined the towhees and sparrows under the bird feeder.  They’re the same ones that have been sitting on the wall outside my kitchen window watching me.

Good news, bad news.  An arm broke off my glasses. I still had some contacts, so I wore those to the optician.  Luckily I didn’t have to buy new frames ($350) or a new arm ($80), just a tiny piece to hold the arm on ($20).  Then there was the photo ticket.  Seems that if your car’s front end is poking into the intersection when the light goes red you are not allowed to finish the turn (even though it’s illegal to be stopped in a crosswalk.)  Because of the sensors under the pavement in the crosswalk, your whole car must be in the intersection before the light turns in order to legally complete the turn.  First I thought that I’d contest it in court, but I had entered the crosswalk on a yellow and the fine was stiff ($310) so I chose to do the online Defensive Driving Course.  Turns out you not only have to pay for the course ($30), but state fees, local fees, and court fees!  (I asked and was just told that it was standard.)  Tallied up to 2/3 of the fine, but won’t go on my record.  Be cautious of those cameras!

Pertaining to today’s health care debate is a too funny column:’m%20a%20specialist&st=cse

I got on the Web and checked out the videos of the “high points” of today’s health care summit in Blair House (no doubt named after one of my stalwart relatives).   Our dear Senator McCain did get a lot of youtube time.

Reporting from Washington – The healthcare summit had reached the point on the agenda where discussion was supposed to center on medical insurance.

But Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) wanted to talk about something else — and did, accusing Democrats of working in secret and cutting backroom deals, even promising a $100-million sweetener for Nebraskans known as the “Cornhusker kickback.”

Losing patience, President Obama tried unsuccessfully to cut him off, telling his 2008 campaign opponent: “We’re not campaigning any more. The election is over. . . . We were supposed to be talking about health insurance.”’,0,1779937.story

All of this excitement with politics on TV, I’m starting to feel bereft as my television doesn’t work.  When do I bite the bullet and buy a new flat screen…

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2 Responses to “My Blair House and Theirs (2/25/2010)”

  1. Lyn Kagey Says:

    thanks for the link to Kristoff’s article. Now THAT was funny. Too bad the summit yesterday didn’t provide more humor. It was just more of the same.

  2. Darvinia Says:

    Matt Taibbi’s article, posted Jul 13, 2009, “Great American Bubble Machine”, clearly explains the source of the lastest great economic disaster. The Liberals and Conservatives desperately need to set aside their traditional political differences, and unite in rebellion against the rising plutocracy.

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