My kid could do that…

It’s hailing! I didn’t mind working in the yard in a light rain, but this is too much.

The rabbits are becoming bolder.  I checked out my lantana yesterday.  I had planted four rows – purple, white, yellow, light yellow.  I had known that purple was the most frost-hardy, and the nursery guy said that light yellow wouldn’t make it through the winter, but my neighbors’ assortment of lantana do fine.  The difference is that mine are in the lower back yard; the cold flows down the wash like water.   So I see various levels of dead, (who knows; they may come back) except for the purple which seemed to be doing fine.  Upon close inspection, the rabbits had nibbled those down to nubs.  Of course, if they bit the center of a branch, the rest would die, so I cleaned up the branch ends.  Bother.  Now I am worried about those tiny leaves poking out of the ground of the wildflowers I had seeded a few months ago.

My rosemary is abuzz with bees, but also cheeping with birds, mostly finches, but some towhees too.  I told my cat that she is not to attack birds, but when they’re so close tiny meows escape and her tail starts twitching.  I grabbed her before a pounce, but today I found a broken rosemary branch, so I guess she tried and missed one.  Happily, no dead bird.

My granddaughter visited last weekend.  I had planned a project, a Goldsworthy.  Goldsworthy does a kind of performance art, like Christo, except with natural materials.  You could view the short-term installation, such as Christo’s gates in New York’s Central Park or Goldsworthy’s stone and stick creations on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.  But most people see only photos of Christo’s or Goldsworthy’s work.

Here is a photo of one of Goldsworthy’s bird nests.  Next is a photo of the one Brianna and I constructed.  Bri asked about a noise from next door so we went over to see my neighbor’s shop; he had her feel the smoothness of the cutting board that he was sanding.   We invited him and his wife over to see our bird nest.  Bri was proud of her work.

We read Listen to the Wind, a picture book based on Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea, and I had a hard time fielding the question of why all of the girls wore the hijab headscarf.  I also explained how many men didn’t want girls to go to school, which is one reason why Greg is building schools for girls.  With a child’s simplicity she didn’t understand why boys and girls should be treated differently.  How could there be schools just for boys?  Her (pre-)school has both boys and girls.  For a four-year-old she’s pretty sharp.  We also discussed the earthquake in Haiti which she had heard about on the radio!

My cat is terrified of my granddaughter.  In her six years she’s never been around kids, and Bri is not exactly placid and does shriek (with joy) quite a bit.  Cami hides until she can escape.  Saturday night, Bri was asleep and I was reading when Cami came in the dog door.  When she looked at the lump in the bed her tail flared out, like it does when she sees a bobcat.  Not sure they’ll ever be friends.

Saturday night we watched Lassie, which I had gotten from the library.  It was pretty lame, and in black and white.  For contrast, we saw The Princess and the Frog at a theater on Sunday.  Wow, not only the contrast of color, but of the speed with which the plot goes forward!  I especially liked The Princess and the Frog because it took place in New Orleans, which I had visited a few times when I was working in Mississippi, and the film featured a Mardi Gras parade, which I had also seen, but this one was cleaned up for family consumption.  (I don’t know – maybe back in the 1920’s, when the story takes place, Mardi Gras had less nudity?)

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4 Responses to “My kid could do that…”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    Hey, it is Disney…remember what they did to The Little Mermaid? I enjoyed your adventures with your granddaughter.

  2. Lynn Shore Says:

    You have a very talented gran. And you are so talented too!

  3. leslie sawyer Says:

    Hi Lynn: enjoy your blog, thanks for sending me the address. leslie

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