There are jobs out there…

My old company does have job openings; I don’t have to be unemployed.   I can work in either Afghanistan or Haiti and sleep in a tent.  This from the Fluor site:

See the Latest Fluor LOGCAP Military Support Positions and Overseas Contractor Jobs

A challenging world calls for adventurous people.  If you are looking for a job that requires courage, determination, and quick, clear thinking, Fluor has a place for you.

The U.S. Army’s Logistics Civilian Augmentation Program IV (LOGCAP) provides contractor support and logistics work for U.S. military troops stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait. As a LOGCAP prime contractor, Fluor is proud to support U.S. military personnel in various contingency environments around the globe.

Fluor’s list of LOGCAP work opportunities includes many support roles such as construction jobs, construction engineers and superintendents, project controls, project managers, quality, site managers, HSE managers, logistics support, supply assignments, security jobs, firefighting opportunities, laundry service, food services support, water works, vector control sanitation jobs, billeting positions, maintenance jobs, and power generation support.  We provide the Army with the logistical support it needs, so that soldiers can focus on the mission at hand.

It’s a tough job, under conditions as demanding as any you will ever find.  A LOGCAP assignment may place you in a hostile environment, even a war zone.  But there are also rewards: Excellent pay, benefits, periodic vacations, and more.  There is also the satisfaction of working at your utmost while helping others perform a critical service mission.

A friend just alerted me to this:

U.S. Army Chooses Fluor for Haiti Relief Support

Task Order 6 Work To Be Part of Operation Unified Response

IRVING, Texas, Jan 29, 2010 — Fluor Corporation announced today that the U.S. Army has chosen Fluor Government Group (FGG) as a Haiti relief support contractor. Under the Army’s Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) IV contract, Fluor will perform work as part of Task Order 6 to provide support and services to U.S. military and government personnel in the wake of the January 12 Haiti earthquake. Fluor is currently working with the Army to optimize the response approach. The scope of work will likely include building and maintaining several logistical support areas (LSAs) in the general Port-au-Prince vicinity. It is expected that initially Fluor will provide construction services, followed by sustainment services and logistics support.

“We are honored to be chosen by the Army to support the U.S. military personnel who are bringing aid to the Haitian people as part of the recovery effort. We know the country well, having built the recently completed U.S. Embassy in Haiti with the help of several hundred local workers. We have a great respect for the nation and its people. Our company is privileged to be able to support the military’s humanitarian mission,” said Bruce Stanski, president of Fluor’s Government Group.

Just after the earthquake hit I got an email from a structural engineer who I had worked with on the design of the US Embassy in Haiti:

In addition to CNN news, the State Department’s engineers told me that the US Embassy compound designed built by Fluor Tucson & JA Jones, is still intact and is currently used for help/command center.

Taiwan said its embassy was destroyed and the ambassador hospitalized.  Spain said its embassy was badly damaged and France said its embassy also suffered damage.

The pay is tempting, but…

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