Big Oil…

This morning is clear; most of the clouds have retreated and are bunched up behind the mountains which are, surprisingly, free of snow except for the highest peaks of the Catalinas wherein lies Mt Lemmon (its peak at 9157 ft) Ski Valley with the southernmost skiing in the United States.  Last week there was a frosting of snow on the Catalinas,

 Rincons, and Santa Ritas which, with the Tucson “Hills”, box in the city of Tucson.

The snow has fled from our sunny valley in time for the yearly Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase which starts tomorrow.  The Marriott Resort down the road from me will be full of tourists and parking will be impossible downtown for two weeks.  The biggest pull is the Tucson Gem Show:

The acclaimed Tucson Gem and Mineral Show™ is held every year on the second full weekend of February. It has set the standard for gem and mineral shows around the world, and is now the largest gem and mineral show in the United States.

The prez dropped me a note yesterday:

Lynne —
I just finished delivering my first State of the Union, and I wanted to send you a quick note.

Help me show that the American people are ready to join this fight for the middle class — add your name to a letter to Congress today:

President Barack Obama

Which gets me back on my rant about big businesses uncontrolled, this time fueled by a conversation in Luxurious Hearses, story four in Say You’re One of Them.  (Yes, I finally finished story two!)

“I’m going back home to farm as my ancestors did before oil was discovered in my village!”

“Which farm?” Monica said.  “Farmland no dey again for delta o!  Mobil, Shell, Exxon, Elf…  All of dem done pollute every grain of sand.”

“I’ll fish, then.”

“Fish ke?  Dem done destroy de rivers… no fish.”

What can we “little people” do?  When I was railing against AIG and their ilk my brother answered:

Bankers have always made tons of money off money, that’s what the whole system revolves around. I understand your anger, but we’re all just ‘pawns in the game’.

The only thing I can say is write to your senators and congressperson and support the populist president.

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